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Dye-free and odor-free household soap flakes.

Truly pure vegetable Marseille soap is versatile and should not be missing in any household. The soap is traditionally used to care for Belgian hard stone and other natural stone floors. But is also very suitable for hand and machine washing and other purposes. The soap is completely biodegradable and hypoallergenic.
Marseille soap based on coconut oil, already cut into small flakes. Great to make your own detergent! Just add your fragrance or other ingredients, such as soda or white vinegar.
Use it as a base if you want to make your own bar soaps with the melting and casting technique.


For washing laundry with allergies to conventional detergents, baby diapers and clothes or delicate laundry. The soap chips do not contain allergens and do not affect the laundry.

Naturally pure, without perfume.

Marseille soap flakes ideal for delicate hand washing.

According to ASDMF code -
Without perfume - without pigment

Without dyes or synthetic preservatives, 100% natural.

Composition: min.30% water, 5-15% soaps from vegetable oils (linseed and olives), less than 5% baking powder, glycerine, preservatives (sodium hydroxymethyl glycinate), tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, potassium hydroxide

Sodium talc, aqua, sodium cocoate, glycerine, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, etidronic acid

• Flakes for washing white and permanently colored laundry
• Also suitable for washing sensitive laundry
• Does not contain synthetic substances
• Hypoallergenic composition
• Dermatologically tested, ecological, biodegradable

Airtight packaging to prevent drying out and to retain all properties.
Obtained by direct saponification of neutral oils using the "Marseille" method.


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Soap with no added color. Natural fragrance.
Maximum weight of a bag 1 kg.

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