Marseille glycerin soap 16x200g

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For generations, it has been a concern to respect and maintain the production of the true Marseille Soap, which has been cooked in an old-fashioned kettle.

Thanks to its hypoallergenic and bactericidal properties, Marseille soap is highly recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin.

Multi-Pack - an indispensable product.
Versatile: For body cleansing and hand hygiene.
Obtained by direct saponification of neutral oils with the Marseille method.

Ingredients: citron oil, sodium hydroxide, citronellol, sodium chloride, limonene, geraniol, linalool, glycerine, water

Traditional Marseille French soap made by experienced soap makers. A universal odorless soap for household and soap for personal care.

  • Purpose of a cosmetic product for a bath, for hands, for body
  • Age restrictions 3+
  • Antibacterial restriction

Consumer unit 4x200g / 4 pieces per package.

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