Marseille soap flakes without fragrance and color 12x1kg

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A Marseille soap without fragrance and color. The most common soap in Marseille is white soap flakes.

Real pure Marseille vegetable soap is versatile and should be stored in every household. The soap is traditionally used to care for Belgian hard stone and other natural stone floors. But it is also very suitable for washing hands and machines and for other applications. The soap is completely biodegradable and hypoallergenic.

Packed per 1000gr


Pure soap flakes

Suitable for cleaning floors
Suitable for machine wash
Suitable for hand washing (makes wool very soft)
Make your own shaving soap
Very gentle on the skin. Without dye.

Mild soft soap based on coconut and palm oil. Together at least 72%.

Economical in use. 1 handful of flakes in 5-10 liters of water.

Make your own laundry soap from Marseille soap flakes:

The detergent of the detergents is a detergent made from Marseille soap. Also known as Marsiglia. Marseille soap has a very special but neutral scent that stays in your clothes for a long time and gives you the ultimate clean feeling when you take your Marseille clothes out of your closet or suitcase. In its distance, it doesn't look like another detergent. It smells very natural.

The Marseille soap flakes are made from 100% Marseille soap, pure vegetables without the addition of coloring from Marseille, France.

Original Marseille soap flakes.

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