Dried Food grade Rose buds 50g

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The strongly scented flower Rosa Damascena rose from the gardens of the rose-scented villages located in Isparta.


Although there are 24 rose species in the flora of Turkey, the one used to obtain rose oil is the cultivated Rosa Damascena, also known as the Isparta Rose. It is a perennial, thorny and hardy plant that grows between 1.5-3 m.


It is one of the oldest flowers in human history and is easily distinguished from other rose varieties by its strong and unique scent. The sweet and pleasant scent leaves an unforgettable impression. The Rosa Damascena rose has a great reputation among roses with its unique scent. When you open the package, you can feel and smell the freshness.


The stock of the plants is from the year they are harvested, we do not carry over the stock and plant to the following year. Using plants that are more than a year old will not give you any benefit. The period in which the active substance of the plants is at its highest is 1 year from the date of collection. The active ingredient of the plants is of the highest level and is of pharmaceutical quality.



When making natural soap, bath chocolates, bath salts, bath bombs, in a scented sachet, as a scent carrier and in a flower potpourri.


Wonderful for weddings, parties, herbal baths, dream pillows and many other crafts.


You can use these dried, Food grade rose buds, rose buds as decoration on ice cream, cake, pies, donuts, eclairs and other sweet treats. The buds are edible and can also be used for tea, syrup, gourmet food, salads, cocktails, ice cubes, drinks, chocolate, milkshakes, candy flavor, rose honey, rose jam, rose liqueur and rose syrup.


Storage conditions:

Preferably store the dried rose buds in a dry, clean and cool environment and in a glass jar or bag and out of direct sunlight and light.


Ingredients: Rose Blossom (Rosa Damascena).

The plants of our registered trademark Vitex Natura are carefully packaged and delivered to you. The pictures belong to our company and the product you receive is the product in the picture.


Our products are of good quality. The quality and new products we offer to our consumers are distinguished by a careful selection of ingredients, fragrance and smell. You only need a few of these flowers for a great effect. Very aromatic, authentic rose scent. Naturally sun-dried for maximum fragrance, color and texture retention.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water and consult a doctor if necessary.

Keep out of reach of children.

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