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Are you looking for a simple and permanent method to lose weight in the long term? Have you tried different carbohydrate blockers, fat burners, and diet pills and with moderate success?

Then Slimosan is the right way to get you out of your vicious circle of diets and yo-yo effects - and without hunger and renunciation!

What exactly is Slimosan? Slimosan capsules.

Slimosan is a new, natural extract for permanent and easy weight loss. In Germany, it is available without a prescription as a capsule, directly from the manufacturer or in the pharmacy. The application is simple:

Take 1-2 Slimosan capsules for every meal with plenty of water.

Broadly speaking, the drug is a combination of fat binding and carbohydrate blocking extracts. A more detailed discussion of the individual ingredients and their effects follows later in this article.


Who is it suitable for?

You do not want to change your diet in the long term? Do you not want to limit your menu permanently, but still want to lose weight? Then this product might be the perfect companion for your weight loss plan.

Almost all diets are associated with fatigue, physical limitations, and fatigue. With Slimosan you can lose body fat without the usual negative side effects. Especially because of the appetite-inhibiting effect.

And everything on a natural basis!


How does the effect work exactly?

Fat burners are a double-edged knife and are often stressful for your body. In most cases, they speed up your organism with active ingredients such as caffeine. This should lead to increased calorie turnover. However, this effect often remains without noticeable success. A more effective method is an extract such as Slimosan, which combines a fat binder and carbohydrate blocker.

But now it's a bit more understandable: How does a carbohydrate blocker work?

What is a carb blocker?

The carbohydrate blockers present work very simply:
Your pancreas produces an enzyme - the "alpha-amylase".

Amylase is important for the digestion of carbohydrates. It splits the multiple sugars in the food into a simple sugar that goes directly into the blood. If the amylase is blocked, your body excretes the carbohydrates undigested, which means that they cannot be converted to fat.

Of course, the carbohydrate blockers it contains are completely harmless to your health!


What exactly is a fat binder?

The fat-binding effect is created by the ingredients as follows:
Fat binders usually contain chitosan. This extract, which among other things is obtained from the shells of marine animals, works in a simple and effective way.

It attaches to the fats in your stomach that are ingested by food. This makes the fat molecules too large to pass through your intestinal wall. What happens Your body excretes the lumps of fat in its entirety, which also prevents storage. This process is completely harmless.

An extensive Slimosan test has shown that this process can even lower high cholesterol levels.


Are there any side effects?

The Slimosan test and the associated Slimosan experience have shown that the slimming capsules had no side effects. Moreover, a habituation effect is extremely unlikely. As a healthy person, you can safely use the product for a longer period of time because it consists exclusively of natural ingredients.

A Slimosan test of three different groups has shown how different the active ingredients work.

  • Group one did sports.
  • Group two improved their diet.
  • Group three only used Slimosan.

In groups one and two, the weight loss was faster, but the Slimosan users followed quickly. So if you want to use it more "comfortably" and moreover integrate Slimosan into your unchanged life, these Slimosan experiences show that it is definitely worth trying.


Here are some opinions from customers:

"And that is exactly why I am so enthusiastic about Slimosan because Slimosan not only contains a fat binder, but also a carbohydrate blocker."

"The other subjects also reported that they lost around 20% of their body fat in a very short time."

"There was no great feeling of hunger, so the diet was all the easier to implement."

As can be seen in the Slimosan rating, the simple intake and the fact that you do not have to completely change your lifestyle saves you time and effort.

I don't have to say much. My photos speak for themselves and how successful I now feel like a single father. Thank you! Patrick (28)

My personal before and after photo. Left, shortly after my first pregnancy of almost 85 kilos! On the right is a current photo of me as the happy one of two children. Mother with 53 kg !! I feel extremely comfortable in my skin. I have now lost 32 kg in total and am still more than enthusiastic. Not because I want to keep losing weight or change my body, but because it is more than fun and I am overjoyed that I have been able to test Slimosan during the development phase. Thank you very much, Kimberly! Kimberly, twice mother

Thanks! The ability to test Slimosan from the start has completely changed my life! It's working! Lose 48 kg in 6 months! From 117 to 69 KG !!! The only side effect ... but with great pleasure ... always buying new clothes. * laughs * From my own experience I can recommend Slimosan with a clear conscience. Sincerely Yve. Yve (28)


Side effects?

A big advantage is that Slimosan contains no dangerous ingredients such as dinitrophenol. This will not ruin your metabolism. The capsules do not burden your hormone balance either, because they consist of natural ingredients.

It looks very different from classic slimming drops. Taking thick binders with chitosan is therefore considered harmless to health. Many users are sure that the capsules are even very healthy. For example, many buyers have given 5 stars on Amazon.


How and where can you buy Slimosan?

Buying Slimosan is easy. You can buy a Slimosan monthly package and order online here. The Slimosan diet product is also available at the pharmacy in Germany. Pharmacies PZN approval: 13515467



  • Pure vegetable ingredients
  • Easy application
  • Carbohydrate blockers and fat binders in one
  • There are no side effects and negative aspects (eg fatigue)
  • Available without prescription
  • Not suitable for vegetarians. The chitosan ingredient contains fibers from the chitin armor of shrimp and crabs


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