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What you need to know about the TOG value

Is your child too hot or too cold? That is sometimes difficult to gauge. It is true that your newborn baby is not yet very good at regulating his or her body temperature. Then it is good to know that a little too cold is better than a little too warm! Fortunately, there are guidelines for tucking in your little one so that he/she will not get too hot or cold quickly. We will tell you more about this in this blog.

Common sense
You know how annoying a bed that is too warm is. You sweat and get stuffy. You throw the warm blanket or duvet away from you. Your baby cannot do this himself yet. So try to check from time to time how your child is doing. Does the head not feel too warm? Are the feet and neck too cold? Is your baby sweaty and clammy? Especially when the flu is involved, the heat must be able to go somewhere. Well, you can estimate for yourself how hot or cold it is in the room. And again: better a little too cold than too warm!

Keep it cool
Research shows that babies can get stuffy in a bed that is too warm and too 'full'. The baby may roll on its stomach and have too little fresh air with its face against or under a pillow or duvet. And if the baby is wrapped too warm, the body temperature can rise unhealthily. Especially if you heat the bedroom yourself ... 18 degrees Celsius is warm enough!

Still looking at TOG
Checking yourself and using common sense is the best method to let your child sleep safely. In addition, there is also a technical aid: the TOG value. This is a points system for the insulating quality of bed textiles. The colder the environment, the higher the TOG value may be. And vice versa: the warmer the bedroom, the less TOG you need. TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and the TOG value indicates to what extent body heat is retained in, for example, sleeping bags, under blankets, swaddlers, and clothing, etc.

The TOG value increases from 0 to 4 and only applies at room temperature. You may not use the TOG value for outdoors.

Temperature control guideline
Below is a diagram of the TOG value in relation to the ambient temperature.

Room temperature / Total maximum TOG value

16-19 ° C à maintain a TOG value of approximately 2.5. The guideline for this is a diaper, romper, sleeping bag or blanket.

20-22 ° C à maintain a TOG value of approximately 2.0. The guideline for this is a diaper, romper/sheet and sleeping bag or blanket.

23-24 ° C maintain a TOG value of approximately 1.0. The guideline for this is a diaper and romper/sheet.

+24 ° C à maintain a TOG value of approximately 0.5. The guideline for this is only a diaper.

Note: TOG values ​​may not be added together. This has to do with the insulating air layer that is in between two layers. This air layer always creates extra heat. Listen to your own feelings and use common sense.

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