Recipes for lavender

The amazing benefits of using lavender

The Amazing Benefits of Using Lavender
Lavender is a flowering plant that belongs to the mint family. People have been growing lavender for hundreds of years because they witnessed the amazing benefits of this aromatic herb. Nowadays, more and more people are using the holistic approach to health. That is why there is a growing interest in lavender. This plant can be used in many different forms, but many experts agree that using dry lavender flowers is the best option we have. This way you can use lavender in different ways and for different reasons.
We will use this article to highlight some of the amazing benefits of using lavender.

Lavender as a Cleaning/Beauty Product
Lavender was used by many famous historical figures. For example, Queen Victoria always instructed her servants to clean the floors and furniture with this plant because she loved the smell of lavender and she believed that this plant removed bacteria and harmful microorganisms. England's Queen Elizabeth I was very fond of lavender tea and often pointed out that lavender tea helped her to relieve migraines and headaches. In many wars, nurses and medics used a lavender wash to clean the wounds of soldiers because they were aware of the antiseptic properties of this plant. There are recipes that can help you make a homemade lavender-based soap that you can use to improve the appearance of your skin.


Lavender for cooking
This versatile plant is also often used for cooking. It's interesting that people use lavender in their own cooking, but many fine dining restaurants also use lavender. The best idea is to make lavender to improve the taste of dishes that have no specific flavor. Moreover, it is very easy to make any dish look more beautiful with lavender. You can use lavender either dried or fresh for cooking activities. Remember that lavender has a strong aroma, which means you should use small amounts when cooking.


It is also used to make teas, lemonades, syrups and aromatic drinks.


Fun, tasty and easy to make. Lavender ice cubes.


Other Lavender Uses
If you have dried lavender blossoms, you can fill them into small bags and place them in your wardrobe. This will make your clothes smell much fresher and you can rest assured that there are no toxins involved. In addition, it is possible to make a natural air freshener by simmering the dried lavender in a pot of hot water. 

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